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Our name stems from our philosophy that the precious metal gold has been the medium of exchange for over 1000 years and is still the ultimate accepted means of payment. Often Gold is referred to as the yellow metal because of its lustre and shine. We believe in gold and silver as real money and an exceptional store of wealth.

Yellow Capital Group is expanding its reach to clients around the globe. Our vision is to remain a small unique group of professional firms servicing a limited number of clients to the highest standards. Our strategic objective and business structure facilitates our quest for delivering a highly personalized and excellent service standard for our clientele. We are not overcome by corporate red tape and politics. A complete hand's on approach with an entrepreneurial spirit is our preferred methodology.

Our involvement in the financial industry has lead us to build a large network of partnerships and associations.

The Yellow Capital brand has a reputation for excellence and quality that is underpinned by extremely enthusiastic and talented individuals.

The golden globe is a registered trade mark of the Yellow Capital Group.
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