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welcome to the Yellow Capital Group

Welcome to Yellow Capital Group. We are a small group of professional firms co-operating and co-ordinating our specialized services for the benefit of our clients and other stakeholders.

The group was founded by professionals and continues to be run by professionals from various industries including financial planning, investment management, accounting and private equity.

Our primary aim is to deliver a 7 star experience to money management for our clientele. The Group's strategic objective is to represent a select group of clients, both retail and intermediary in 9 major cities around the globe.

Professional standards and development are highly regarded to us and therefore we promote our industry's development both locally and internationally. We belong to the key industry bodies to ensure that we meet the required standard.

We believe in equitable business relationships in order to promote opportunity to individuals for further personal development and responsibility. Our organizational structure is of such a nature that all subsidiary companies are in effect partly owned and managed by the advisors and professionals that work in them.

The Yellow Capital brand is young, warm and vibrant and originates from our passion for providing professional money management and investment advice, both delivered through a unique and personalized service. Our brand associates with service standard, money management, investment and wealth.

Our stakeholders perceive our brand as gold is perceived which is 'rich'. Rich in every aspect of the word, meaning rich in philosophy, ethics, beliefs, values, service standards and in life and the amazing gift that life is. Our name, logo and emblem are symbols that resemble the passion and commitment of how we deliver our services for our clientele. It represents a gold standard, a certain quality which engrains our business.

The golden globe is a registered trade mark of the Yellow Capital Group.
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